a stonekoan is . . .

on balance

a stonekoan is something
only you can figure out.

each photograph shows the way
the elements of a particular stonekoan
told me they wanted to be assembled
and addressed
at one point in time,
under singular circumstances.

when they come into your care,
they may tell you something different.

they may tumble apart 
if a freight train rumbles by.

feel blessed at the opportunity to reiterate them.

a kitten or puppy
may bat them down.

relish the kitten or puppy.

they may resist efforts
to find the precise balance.


if a child spies the pile,
an element may disappear,
scattered back into the unbroken field.

that’s how it was meant to be.

you may, over time,
lose interest in these stones.

but they will never lose interest in you.

you can pass them on for generations;
their truths are ageless and scrutable.   

this woodkoan . . .

IMG 6650

germinated, sprouted, thrived

faded, fell, floated

then found




with crevices, crinkles, cracks

among other imperfections.


gnarls transitioning 

to fiber.


if by simply watching,

we let it 



it turns into.

 © T.H. Forbes Co., 2015