about stonekoans


stonekoans are compiled by thom forbes, who takes long walks in the suburbs and exurbs of new york city and gathers the elements along the way. he variously iterates himself as a writer, editor, photographer, website creator, fitness coach, gampa, recovery advocate, pet wrangler, reiki master and left fielder (among other diversions from eating dark chocolate and making real money). in another life he was, or will be, a wizened and wise troubadour but he infamously cannot carry a tune in this one.

stonekoans is a wholly owned subsidiary of T.H. Forbes Co., which is responsible for all financial transactions and will appear on your credit card statements

photo above by deirdre drohan forbes, catlife photography

World HQ

the stonekoans workshop


What is to prevent me from taking a walk, gathering stones and iterating my own stonekoan?

Absolutely nothing. Walks are good. Just don’t sell the resulting iteration to someone else as a stonekoan.


Because, anticipating sales as high as the quadruple figures annually, we went ahead and applied for a trademark on the name stonekoans.

Doesn’t that violate some Taoist principle?

We are not knowing but, like an ancient stone rampart, it somewhat protects us from those who would pillage the good name we are constantly endeavoring to build up. 

And you really expect people to pay for something that’s all around them in nature?

Tell it to Poland Spring.


Seriously take long walks. Listen for rocks that call out to you. Stash them in a backpack. Before you know it, you’ll be exercising with some added load and you’ll have something to fiddle with instead of dark thoughts and monkey mind when you get home.

Alternatively, if you see something that resonates, for you or a loved one, spring for it. Worrying about money burns calories, too.


Not too. About anything.

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