what I warrant

your stonekoan is yours *

* for this lifetime. but if you want to exchange it for another because it just doesn’t  make sense anymore, okay, just pay shipping.

what I do,
 how I do it
and where it goes from there

Leonard Cohen is said to spend as much as ten years composing a song—tweaking words here, throwing out entire verses there, “waiting until “it grow deep roots and huge wings,” as Jennifer Warnes put it. I honor that spirit and some stonekoans in my personal collection have taken  even longer to complete (to the extent that they are ever complete, if you catch my drift). But most of the iterations for sale are much younger souls.

Some combinations just seem to leap at me as I walk, usually with our trusty pit bull, Sadie. One stone presents itself, then another or two or three to more seems to complement it, and some grouping or words binds them together in my mind. That’s all subject to change, of course, once the craft of delicate balance comes into play.

Other combinations emerge from my collection of stones, one in the basement, the other in the backyard.

 © T.H. Forbes Co., 2015